Servicing and repairs

Servicing & Repairs

Much like a gas boiler, you need to book an oil boiler service annually to ensure your system is running as smoothly as possible. Grit, dirt and water can get into your oil tank, which if unnoticed, can work its way into your boiler and cause permanent damage.

We always recommend having a service for all your oil-fuelled appliances, as many issues are not visible on the outside of the boiler or tank. The harsh winter months are also a contributing factor to potentially damaging your tank and reducing the efficiency of your heating oil, so it’s particularly important to get it serviced when the temperature starts to drop.

What is included in a service?

In your oil boiler and tank service, the engineer will test the efficiency of your system both internally and externally. Our OFTEC accredited oil heating engineers are fully qualified and trained in thoroughly examining your boiler and tank for any signs of damage.

The engineer will inspect the full tank and boiler, looking at areas such as:

Oil boiler and tank repairs

If you’re concerned about your oil boiler or tank, it’s important to get it checked as quickly as possible. In most cases, the issues can be solved quickly and may just need a small, inexpensive part replacing. However, sometimes the issue can be derivative from a much bigger issue, which will need immediate attention.

Our OFTEC registered heating engineers are available for emergency call-outs, phone consultations or conversations via email to assess your boiler and tank problems.

To book in with our heating engineer for a repair, just click the button below and someone will be in touch!

NEW! Introducing the Tate Heat service plan!

At Tate Heat, we understand the financial pressure boiler maintenance can have on our customers, and we always aim to keep our costs as low as possible. Thanks to our OFTEC accredited heating engineers, you can relax knowing your heating system is in the best of hands!

However, we understand that paying for an oil boiler & tank service may seem like a large and sudden financial outlay, which some people may struggle to pay. We want to make boiler services affordable for everyone: that’s why we’ve launched the Tate Heat service plan! 

For just £9.50 a month, you can spread the costs of your oil boiler and tank service with Tate Heat! With zero interest and zero admin fees, the Tate Heat service plan is ideal for homeowners looking to spread the cost of their oil boiler and tank service.

Simply use the enquiry form below to get started:

Terms & Conditions apply. Customer’s must have already had a boiler & tank service from Tate Heat in the past 12 months to qualify. Any additional costs accrued from the boiler service, such as parts, are excluded from the service plan and must be paid separately. Available to homeowners only. Payments are secured by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

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