Save money and be greener with these top tips!

Heating oil is one of the cheapest fuels around, but during the winter months both market prices and your usage will inevitably rise. However, with a few low-cost tips from Tate Heat, you can make your heating oil last longer, save money and be a greener user!

Draughts are not your friend!
Got the heating on full blast but you’re still feeling a chill in the air? Check your windows and doors for loose seals or cracked frames – a sure tell-tale sign is a whistling noise when it’s windy! Using draught protectors are an easy and low-cost solution to keeping more heat in the house, and stopping that cold breeze from getting in!  

Free your radiators!
Your feng shui may feel a little disrupted for a while, but moving your furniture away from the radiators will stop the heat being trapped behind it! Having your radiators free of clutter will help heat circulate in the room better and keep your house much warmer. Not only could you be wasting heating oil, but you could actually be damaging the back of your furniture too!

Get a service!
It’s simple: getting a service will help you save money in the long run! As part of your service, our heating engineer will remove any build-up of soot, dirt and grit in the boiler, which causes blockages and stops the oil flowing smoothly. Dirty fuel affects the performance of the oil, meaning you’ll be using a lot more and having to order twice as much. For just £95+VAT, you can protect your boiler and make your fuel last longer

Buy fuel in larger quantities!
Instead of ordering small amounts of fuel every month, why not fill up your tank in one go? By having less deliveries, you’ll be helping Tate Oil reduce its own carbon emissions from the trucks, and ordering before it gets cold will save you money too! You could also consider joining a local syndicate, which groups your deliveries with your neighbours, or creating a Tate Oil Freedom Account to help spread the costs!

Chill out!
Everyone loves feeling toasty and warm after a day in the cold, but by turning your thermostat down by just 1°C, you can help reduce your fuel consumption and make the heating oil last longer! You should also turn the radiators down in rooms you don’t use, to prevent wasted energy. By making these small adjustments to your heating, you can make your heating oil last much longer in the winter months!

With these tips, you can save money on your heating bill and be a greener energy user at the same time! If you’d like to know more about the Freedom Account, joining a syndicate or ordering fuel, head over to the Tate Oil website or call 03300 552 889 today!

Save money and be greener with these top tips!
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