Our guide to preparing for your boiler service!

You’ve finally done it! You’ve contacted Tate Heat, you’ve booked a service, and you’re feeling productive. But why stop there? Get yourself extra prepared with our handy pre-service checklist!  

Make a list!
If you’ve noticed your radiators aren’t like they used to be, or you’re using more fuel than usual, we’d recommend writing a list of all your concerns. A few issues you’re having could actually be connected to one problem with the boiler, which might just need a simple part replacement! With our service, you get a FREE injector nozzle replacement – a common part that loosens over time!

Find the instruction manual!
How many times have you had a heating engineer arrive, but you spend the first 20 minutes trying to find the manual? Each boiler is different and ideally should be checked against the original manufacturers setting, so we’d always recommend keeping your instruction manual nearby!

Clear the engineers’ workspace!
You wouldn’t want to come to the office and work around other people’s coats or shoes, would you? If your boiler is hidden away in a closet or covered up, make sure you clear the space before your engineer arrives. Boiler services can be a messy job – anything close to the boiler could get covered in dust!

Keep the tank obstruction free!
A tank check is mainly visual, so it makes sense that the engineer needs the area clear! If you have plants or garden furniture in front of the tank, move it out of the way so the heating engineer can conduct a full inspection. It’s also good practice to keep the tank free from clutter and easy to access anyway, so your fuel delivery drivers can get to the tank quickly and easily!

By following these tips, you should be fully prepared for your service with Tate Heat! Haven’t booked one in yet? Our services cost only £95+VAT and come with a FREE injector nozzle!

Our guide to preparing for your boiler service!
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